Niki Boli

The need for expression, the love for nature and its materials, the interest in art, the satisfaction of bringing to life images of the mind and drawings of paper, were the springboards for dealing with handmade jewelry. Studying in Paris provided the necessary supplies, Grandma's old house in Thessaloniki seemed ideal to house inspiration, career decisions were made early and the personal workshop became a reality in 1997.

Almost 25 years later, everything is unstoppable: the awe in front of the shine of the metal and the dazzling stone, the joy of creation, the emotion to give birth to something new, the gratitude to be a profession in what you really love.

1981-1992 Studies and graduates from “DE LA SALLE” French school of Thessaloniki
1992-1994 “ALKI” Jewelry school in Thessaloniki
1993 First place at the jewelry design competition in “COSMIMA” exhibition Thessaloniki
1994-1995 Diploma in design , research and creation ”BJO Formation” school (Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfèvrerie) in Paris
1999-2002 Opening her own hand made jewelry
1997-1998 Attendance for three years gemology seminars of the “jewelry corporation of Thessaloniki”
1998 Έναρξη εργαστηρίου χειροποίητου κοσμήματος
1999-2002 Attendance for three years gemology seminars of the “jewelry corporation of Thessaloniki”
Work experience
  • Jewel international fair “ALPHA OMEGA” Papageorgiou in Athens.
  • Jewel international fair “COSMIMA” in Thessaloniki.
  • Jewel international fair ”GOLD SILVER” in Athens.
  • Group exhibition “SAVE THE DATE” at Marneri’s gallery Athens
  • Group exhibition “FROM JEWERLY TO PAINTING” at “Sophies jewellery “ Myrina Lemnos.
  • Inhorgenta Munich trade show for jewellery and watches.
  • ESPAI JOIA Barcelona
  • BCN JOYA Barcelona

Creative handmade jewelry workshop. Since 1998 we offer quality with jewelry of high aesthetics.